Orders Counseling Celebrates One Year!

One year ago this week, I decided to start my own clinical practice with the primary goal of helping couples and individuals resolve patterns in their life that inhibit them from achieving success and lasting change.

As I reflect back over the past year, many things have changed.  What I have learned from my journey is that with change, comes moments of truth.   These moments are wrought with anxiety because they are confusing and feel like impasses.  If you can recognize these moments for what they are, they force you to take action.

These moments in my estimation are unique opportunities to transform yourself, to reorganize your thoughts and change habits.  These moments, if seized, deepen intimacy with your spouse, help you attain promotions at work, and move beyond what you thought was possible for your life.

With that said, I look forward to another year of helping you be the best you can be.  Together we will complete the journey, one moment at a time.

Thank You for you support,



About Orders Counseling

Orders Counseling provides psychotherapy for teens, couples, and individuals in the Washington, D.C. metro area. My mission is to help you reach your full potential so you can achieve lasting change.
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