They always say time changes things…

Today as I was looking out of my office window, I was surprised to see that the weather had changed so dramatically within a few minutes.  It went from sunny with scattered clouds to windy, cloudless, and snow flurries.  The moment lasted for a few minutes, that’s all, but it was a powerful reminder of how fast our weather and lives can change.  I rushed out of my office to share this moment with my coworkers, because I knew that it was moment that could be missed if you weren’t paying attention.

The flurries lasted for a few minutes and as quickly as it came, it was gone and the sun reappeared from behind the clouds.  It reminded me of something someone once said to me and that was, “Things change, people change, but life doesn’t stop for anybody.”  Some changes are fleeting and other types of change can last a lifetime, but both types of change are important to appreciate.

Nothing seemed to capture this more, than today’s quick snow storm.  The power of change in our lives can be just as dramatic as the weather and it reminds us how quickly things can shift from moment to moment, minute to minute.  As someone who knows this from experience I can tell you that each second of the day is a powerful moment but if you fail to take the time to appreciate them, those moments come and go.  I think its important to realize that no matter how much things change in our lives, as long as we keep breathing change eventually happens and you can be on the right side of it or not, but you can’t stop it.

Nothing remains the same forever and that is why life is so interesting.  As soon as we think we have mastered something a new challenge is thrown at us.  As soon as we think we know what to expect, something unexpected happens.  Sometimes we are lucky enough to experience a change so significant a transformation occurs in which so many unexpected things happen we have to change the way we experience the world and how we perceive ourselves in it.

For 2012, I hope everyone who reads this experiences the power of change or at the very least appreciates the little change we all experience everyday.  Here’s to a healthy and successful 2012, Happy New Year!




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Orders Counseling provides psychotherapy for teens, couples, and individuals in the Washington, D.C. metro area. My mission is to help you reach your full potential so you can achieve lasting change.
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